Lilith's Throne v.0.4.4
To attend a boring event hosted by my aunt; to break an ancient and, as it turned out, magical mirror; to be transported to a parallel world, a home of debauchery and lustful demons; to almost become a victim of rape by a
Countess in Crimson
Countess in Crimson is an erotic visual novel / adventure game hybrid with a horror theme. The game follows the story of Josh and Ashley – a young couple stranded somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains who eventually find
She Will Punish Them v.0.900
Play as the magnificent but deadly succubus. Grind your way through a myriad of terrifying abominations and bosses, until she becomes the most formidable and seductive devil.
Oppai Odyssey v.0.3.8
You're the captain of a spaceship, and your crew are a bunch of pretty girls. Explore your spaceship and build friendships and intimacy with your crew. Your mission is to, to explore uncharted planets and experience unique races
Love at First Tail v.0.3.0
The protagonist returns to his hometown to spend some time in silence after graduation. There he will meet old acquaintances and new friends. Immediately after his arrival, an event occurs that could change his life.
Corrupted Kingdoms v.0.15.0a
You are the hero--or perhaps the villain--in this story, initially on a journey to find out why your family has been banished from your hometown, but quickly become immersed in events beyond what you could have imagined. As
Claire's Quest v.0.24.1b
In this game, play as the titular Claire, a refugee fleeing a great invasion that has claimed the lives of both her parents. Helpless, alone, and ignorant of the evils of the world, Claire seems set to meet a grim fate... or
Virtual Succubus v.0.30R2
Virtual Succubus is an instructional masturbation game (JOI) that adapts to your fetishes and preferences. Sign a contract with Succu-chan and let her take control of your erotic urges. Sukku-chan will test your capabilities
Once a Porn a Time v.0.34
You end up on an abandoned planet and deliver a fairy in a jar (?) Does magic exist? No, but what you' re about to get is even better than that! Sex, I'm talking about sex. Sex with princesses... and other things.
Whores of Thrones 1 Season: 1.14; 2 Season: v.0.8
Choose the fate of your favorite characters and others, fulfill all your fantasies in this adult-themed theme, and begin a saga of lust, perversion, ambition, deceit, cruelty and more lust and perversion, as the calm before the
DiBS: Tentacles in Space v.0.2.8
DiBS is an action exploration game with a 'grapple mechanic.' When a creature comes close to her, they grapple. When grappled, you navigate her to break free from the grapple, or she'd be dicked. Oh, the tragedy.
Silicon Lust v.0.25
A game from the famous creator of the game series WhoreCraft - Auril. This is an erotic game about a girl who stayed home alone while her parents are away on vacation. She's looking for an activity to her liking. The game is