K-POP Manager
You are an up-and-coming idol band manager who has had the opportunity to become the manager of the most popular band in the country. But it's not an easy task to
Room for Rent v.16 Finally
The game is about you- having a new roommate – a young innocent, beautiful and very shy girl. Your job is to force her into situations where you slowly learn her be less virginal and less shy. In fact you have to manipulate her,
Eternum v.0.3.0
You move with your best friend to the city of Credon, home to some of the best schools and universities in the country, to continue your studies. However, there is only one thing everyone is talking about in Credon: Eternity, a
Rogue-like: Evolution v.0.998c
You are a new student at the Charles Xavier Institute for Mutants with the ability to block the abilities of other mutants when they come into contact with him. At school, you meet the girl Rogue, whose touching someone takes
Four Elements Trainer v.1.0.0c
Training of the Four Elements - The first book is "Water", the second book is "Fire" and the third book is "Earth": So, you sat at home, didn’t touch anyone, and suddenly ... It turns out that you
Jikage Rising v.1.17c
You haven't accomplished much in Konoha, but suddenly you find yourself in the past. Thanks to the help of the mysterious Saru, you were able to unlock the power of your clan and can now make other characters your followers. You
Game of Moans: Whispers From The Wall v.0.2.9
Game of Moans is an adult visual novel parody game. In this game, you will take the role of a young banished lordling who is stripped of his titles and claims. You will then be tasked with earning enough respect, coin and skill
Once a Porn a Time v.0.34
You end up on an abandoned planet and deliver a fairy in a jar (?) Does magic exist? No, but what you' re about to get is even better than that! Sex, I'm talking about sex. Sex with princesses... and other things.
Whores of Thrones 1 Season: 1.14; 2 Season: v.0.8
Choose the fate of your favorite characters and others, fulfill all your fantasies in this adult-themed theme, and begin a saga of lust, perversion, ambition, deceit, cruelty and more lust and perversion, as the calm before the
Koikatsu Party VR
Our hero is a guy who, because his father has moved abroad, decides to start an independent life and moves to a new place near his aunt's house. Soon it turns out that his aunt has taken care of the school where our hero will
Takei's Journey v.0.12.1
The Takei clan had a normal civilian life for centuries, but their historical enemy has finally come to attack and had no mercy to achieve her goals, now after learning what your family hid from you, it's up to the last Takei
Lust Prison ~Flower Maiden Falling into Prison~ v.1.04
The world "Grand Isles" consisting of large islands. There are "humans" and "demons" in this world centered on the royal city of Freesia. Since ancient times, "humans" have continued to